Hosting your own DFTH event?

Thinking of hosting your own DFTH event? Here are a few reasons why you should!

Dentistry From The Heart is a charity – just like the Salvation Army, and other such humanitarian organizations.  We are a not-for-profit organization.  We may appear to operate as a simple marketing firm, but we are not.  We reach out to the media to thank you for your efforts and the tax-deductible Sponsorship/Donation that you have provided.  The people you treat and the turnout testify to our media outreach and the brand recognition of DFTH.  Remember that these people are going to be your ‘positive’ press as well.  You also benefit from our legal status and the accounting that is undertaken with respect to your event with the IRS whereby we legally assert that you operated under our Charity Tax ID number.  This provides for additional tax breaks for you and your donors at the end of the year.  

The protection of Sovereign Immunity also applies to your event by your legal association with DFTH.  The t-shirts, plaque, banner, DVD’s, media kits, etc. also amount to a considerable expense to DFTH, but they are offered as an aid in your outreach and our way of thanking you.  

Bear in mind that it is the people you help that truly matter in this outreach.  You have likely enough seen your charity work build your practice by virtue of positive word of mouth which is the best press of all.

I hope that I may persuade you of the value that we offer now.  As we move forward, we are adding more services in our effort to better support your practice.  You will note the additional offerings in our services each year while we have actually cut our Sponsorship requirement by hundreds of dollars this year. 

Consider the Public Service Announcements.  These are produced and disseminated to media outlets on your behalf throughout your region.  Much of this coverage happens in cyberspace and it can almost impossible to track it all or its impact.

Consider the design work and effort that goes into banners, t-shirts, postcards, flyers drafting , billboards drafting, etc.  It is all customized for you.  We share our trademarked materials freely.

Consider that we file an accounting report in your name to the IRS.  This ensures that your practice has the proper legal status as part of our 501(c)(3) charity.  Hosting on your own without a charity association will impact your taxes at the conclusion of your fiscal year.

Consider that we offer Sovereign Immunity to our hosts – meaning that it is almost impossible to face a lawsuit for the services your render during a sanctioned DFTH event.  

Consider that we legally empower your practice to solicit and receive tax-deductible donations.  This is something that you may not legally do on your own.

Consider that we monitor and enhance your online presence by taking stories on your outreach and spread them out over multiple social media sites.  That service goes on year round.  One story can be listed up to five times – giving you additional online clout.  

Consider that we provide window stickers, plaques and lobby commercials for your lobby so that your clients are reminded of your community service year-round.  

Consider the event legal forms, patient registration materials, press releases, etc. that we provide.

And – consider that all of this helps to grow your practice in the end.