2nd Annual Dentistry From the Heart is back in Murrieta

With all the recent health care changes under the American Care Act, or ACA, it’s easy not to have the right amount of coverage. If you’ve been left without dental coverage, make sure to mark your calendar for the 2nd Annual Dentistry from the Heart event on Friday, November 14th.

Once again, Madison Square Dentistry, located in Murrieta, is donating time and supplies to help give back to the community! They’ll be providing free cleanings, free fillings, and free extractions to help those who are in need of dental care in the community. Registration for the event starts at 7 am, so make sure to get there early. Patients will be seen on a first come, first serve basis, so the earlier you show up, the earlier you’ll be seen.

If this year’s event is anything like last year’s, the line will be long, so make sure to come as early as possible! The event is scheduled to end at 4 pm. Madison Square Dentistry started this event to help give back to the community that they call home.

For more information about the free dentistry event in Murrieta, you can call 951-304-2070, or visit Madison Square Dentistry online. They’re located at 25092 Madison Ave. in Murrieta and can help with all of your dentistry needs throughout the year.

For all of your health insurance needs, contact Carver Insurance Services, with locations in both Murrieta and Menifee. We’ll work with you, no matter the situation, to ensure you have the right amount of health care coverage!